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A wildlife print gallery that features prints of two South Dakota wildlife artists, John C. Green and Joshua Spies. We also offer prints of Weimaraner hunting dogs, a dream of mine for some time.
WeimaranersMy name is Wayne Meagher. For 22 years I worked in a factory, but enjoyed hunting, hunting dogs and collected wildlife prints. During this time I research various types of hunting dogs thinking some day to own one. I finally decided to purchase a Weimaraner pointing hunting dog. The opportunity to purchase a young male Weimaraner called Casey, Kasmar Carouser, presented it self.

John C. Green's
"Weim in His Prime"
John C. Green's 'Weim in his Prime'

I was proud of Casey. He was a perfect example of a Weimaraner hunting dog. So I contacted the South Dakota wildlife artist John C. Green. He was very interested in painting a landscape that included Casey. He also included my Dad in the picture. "Weim in His Prime" was the result. It will be the first in a series of Weimaraner art prints.
Weimaraners Once the prints were made from the painting, I had to have a way to market the "Weim in His Prime" prints. Which takes me to this point. Using today's technology, I decided to establish an online art print gallery called, DakotaRidgeLimited.com, to share with the many Internet visitors, South Dakota wildlife artists' wildlife prints, hunting dog prints, and other type of prints.
Weimaraner hunting dogs I know you're wondering what has happened to Casey. Well, besides being my best friend, and a model for paintings, Casey has become a championship show dog. At 14 months of age he finished his national championship at the Erie Kennel Club with Winners Dog and Best of Winners. I know you would like to see a picture of Casey when he was winning one of his championship's. Soon he will be training for field championships.
hunting dogs So now you know the whole story - how I began as a factory worker and ended up with an online wild life art prints online.

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